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Invictus Trust aims to raise awareness of adolescent mental health in Cornwall, to provide signposting to help those struggling, and to lobby for better mental health services and facilities for young people in Cornwall.

Dedicated to Ben.   The Invictus Trust was set up in January 2011 and is dedicated to the memory of Ben Cowburn, a wonderfully vibrant young man whose struggle with mental health issues had tragic consequences.

Invictus Trust is a young people's mental health charity, based in Cornwall.   The trust was founded by the Cowburn family, following the tragic loss of their son and brother Ben, aged 18, after a very short period of mental illness.


We raise funds and awareness for adolescent mental health in Cornwall, and supply information through school talks, our online mental health portal, events, and our short films.

After a lengthy campaign for Cornwall's first Adolescent Mental Health Unit, where age-appropriate services can be offered, the Trust was delighted to see it commissioned and has been involved in its design, build and enhancement throughout.  Invictus Trust aimed to make the facility the first of its kind in England to care for the full adolescent age range, from 13-25 years.

Through the Anchor Fund the Trust supplies travel grants to families in Cornwall who sadly have a child being cared for in a mental health hospital outside of Cornwall.   Some of these families travel to Manchester, Kent, and Bristol regularly just to see their child.   Whilst the Sowenna unit is now open in Bodmin, Cornwall, the Trust continues to fund these families and parents to help with their travel, until all Cornish children are brought home to be cared for in Cornwall.

The Trust was inaugural funding partners for Recovery College Cornwall, as well as supporting Man Down Cornwall and the G999 police project.

All of this is thanks to funds raised for the Invictus Trust. We will continue to equip and innovate where we can for the very best young people’s mental health care in Cornwall.


This Row Provides Funds For...

The aim of Invictus Trust is to fund quick access to counselling for any young person experiencing mental health difficulties.

On 8th January 2024 the Trust launched a new counselling service for 11 – 21 year olds, which is bespoke for adolescents.   Invictus Trust has partnered with another Cornish charity, CLEAR, who will provide experienced, qualified counsellors to work with young people in need of mental health support.   The service will be easily available, accessible and appropriate to the specific needs of the young people of Cornwall.   

Our aim with the Atlantic Challenge is to raise £100,000 for this service.   A legacy that will provide and fund direct support for young people in Cornwall.


This counselling fund will directly support many young people in Cornwall, connecting them to professional support at an early stage. 



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