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To deliver on our mission to raise money and awareness for Invictus Trust we need to draw on the support of organisations who have the resources and resolve to help make this a reality.

The World's Toughest Row generates global media coverage and offers sponsors, brands, and ambassadors the opportunity to raise the profile of their company on a local, national, and international scale. 

By partnering with Invictus Atlantic your business can benefit from this coverage, and you will help fund the counselling service that will directly support young people in Cornwall. 

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Race entry cost - £20,000

Rannoch R45 ocean rowing boat - £49,000

Oars - £3,000

Trailer - £4,000

Desalination water maker - £5,000

Solar panels & batteries - £6,500

Navigation management - £8,000

Safety equipment - £2,500

Survival & emergency equipment - £5,000

Training courses - £2,000

Clothing - £3,000

Food & cooking - £7,000

Shipping - £10,000

Miscellaneous - £5,000

The total cost for competing in The World's Toughest Row is over £100,000.   


The resale value of boat and equipment is high; we expect to give over £70,000 back to Invictus Trust to help fund counselling support for the young people of Cornwall.

This is in addition to all other fundraising and donations we are aiming for.




The Invictus Atlantic ocean rowing boat is a blank canvas for sponsors and their brands.

The World's Toughest Row generates global mainstream and social media coverage and offers sponsors, brands and ambassadors the opportunity to raise the profile of their company on a local, national, and international scale.   The crew can provide keynote speaking engagements for corporate events, presenting to staff on risk management, developing a resilient mindset and the development of high performing teams.

We encourage your interest in being the LEAD sponsor and additionally offer PLATINUM, GOLD, and SILVER partnership packages.   We also welcome those interested in being an OAR PATRON.   Your OAR, with your corporate branding displayed on the blade will be presented to you post race.

We welcome any interest you have in sponsorship and partnering.   Our Corporate Sponsorship document is available, email us at


James, Luke, Paul and David welcome the opportunity to meet with you to explain all the sponsorship details and how your business can become a part of this journey.   Click the button below to contact us.



Our fundraising target is to raise a minimum of £100,000 for Invictus Trust.

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